Dan Goldsmith EXCLUSIVE Walton Sextuplets shoot for Daily Mail

Dan Goldsmith’s EXCLUSIVE Walton Sextuplets shoot for Daily Mail SCAN_1_1a

Both of them agree it was a momentous day.

But Janet and Graham Walton, parents of the world’s only all-girl sextuplets, can’t quite reach a consensus on what was most remarkable about the October morning last year when they became first-time grandparents.

Graham remembers the drama and farce.

‘Janet was delayed getting to the hospital because of what I now refer to as the Axminster Incident,’ he says.

‘A roll of carpet fell off the back of a van in front of her as she was driving into Liverpool. She was panicking about being late.’

Meanwhile Sarah, the first of their sextuplets to bless them with a grandchild, was caught up in a minor palaver at the hospital.

‘Sarah was being taken to the operating theatre for her Caesarian section when the scrub nurse — or was it the surgeon? — got stuck in the lift with her,’ begins Graham.

‘That lift story’s just wrong on so many levels,’ interrupts Ruth, who, like her father, is a natural joker. ‘Sarah wasn’t stuck in it at all.’

Full Story on Daily Mail

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