The 33-year-old, Manchester-born beauty also appeared as Zafrina, leader of the Amazons in Twilight  Sagas: Breaking Dawn

Now Judith has been cast in the upcoming serial reboot of “Heroes,” which will be titled “Heroes Reborn.”

 Last year, NBC ordered 13 episodes of a new stand-alone story arc, although details on storylines and characters have been kept under wraps.

And still no details… All we know is that Shekoni joins Zachary Levi, Robbie Kay and Danika Yarosh, all in series regular roles, which we know nothing about yet.

Jack Coleman will be the only star from the original series who will be returning for the reboot, which is set to debut sometime later this year (no exact date given).

The wildly successful original series centered on the life-changing stories of a series of unrelated ordinary people who discovered they had superhuman abilities. As the saga unfolded, they learned they were part of a grand plan that brought them together to change the world.

The original series cast included Jimmy Jean-Louis, Jamie Hector, Noah Gray-Cabey, Leonard Roberts, Ntare Mwine, and Tessa Thompson throughout its first four seasons.

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