Gloria Hunniford reveals how her beautiful grandsons have now grown into handsome young men

They were just ten and seven when their beautiful TV presenter mother, Caron Keating, lost a long battle with breast cancer at just 41.

A decade later, they have transformed from angelic-looking boys into strapping, handsome young men.

Charlie is currently enjoying a year out from his advertising degree to complete internships and Gabriel, his gentle younger brother, is in his final year studying his A-levels.

The days when she could cradle them in her arms have long passed but their achievements leave their grandmother, Gloria Hunniford, bursting with pride.

However she admits her happiness hides traces of disappointment that their mother has missed sharing their milestones.

The Loose Women panelist and TV presenter, 74, said: ‘The only time I do get frustrated is when I think about all the brilliant moments Caron’s missing as the boys grow up.

‘When Charlie first went to university, I felt really quite disturbed by that. Caron had an understanding of English literature that I don’t have. She would have loved to sit down with Charlie and now with Gabriel to discuss whatever it was that they were studying.

‘From the research I’ve done, it seems that a child misses a parent most when he graduates, when he gets engaged, when he marries and particularly when he has his first child. You want to show your child to your parents. And Charlie and Gabriel will never be able to do that with their mother.’

What bolsters Miss Hunniford, who is married to hairdresser Stephen Way, is the warm and loving relationship she has with her grandsons. They tease her mercilessly, which she plainly adores, calling her a variety of names from Glo, to G-Dog, G-Lo or Big G.

She said: ‘What helps to sustain me now is that they’ve turned out to be such fine young men. And I think it’s lovely that they’re still very huggy with me, very demonstrative which isn’t always the case with boys of their age and they rib me all the time.

‘They’re part of my healing. I see Caron’s spirit living on in them and that’s a comfort to me. Charlie has her wicked sense of humour and Gabriel looks so like her. They’ve been in my life from the moment they entered the world, quite literally. Caron asked me to be there as each of them was born. So the bond between us has always been exceptionally tight and was made even more so because of her loss.’

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