Muse’s Matt Bellamy cues song for Ronnie O’Sullivan

Who will  be next to write the ultimate snooker anthem?

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN is the closest thing the sport has to a rock star.

And now he’s been paid the ultimate compliment by superfan and MUSE singer MATT BELLAMY, who wants to pen songs about the champ, dubbed The Rocket.

Matt, who was at Sheffield’s Crucible to watch Ronnie in the World Championship last weekend, raved: “Ronnie is a genius.

“Snooker is such an interesting subject — I haven’t yet written a song about it but maybe I will. O’Sullivan is a good subject.

“I was chatting to my brother about it. You get players who play very mechanical and machine-like but he brings all the emotion in.

“He has to be my favourite player. He has so much humanity and feeling. It’s nice to see someone playing with such emotion.”

The Supermassive Black Hole singer will miss this weekend’s final to promote new album Drones in the US. But fans may see other snooker-mad celebs in the crowd like RONNIE WOOD, JOEY ESSEX, KASABIAN and JEREMY KYLE.

Matt said: “I would much rather be watching the snooker, to be honest.

“I play a bit, though I’m not that good. My highest break isn’t great. I might have fluked a 50.

“There seem to be quite a few musicians who love their snooker. I see Ronnie Wood on the TV and the Kasabian boys are big fans.”


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