Princess Diana’s ex-butler Paul Burrell comes out as gay.

Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell has revealed he is gay and will marry his boyfriend just nine months after divorcing his wife of 32 years.

Mr Burrell, 58, now a florist living in Cheshire, will wed his lawyer partner Graham Cooper, 58, next month and they have reportedly been together for up to a decade.


The father-of-two divorced his wife Maria, 62, last year and his wedding is the first public acknowledgement that he is gay – but a source close to Mr Burrell has claimed the only person her ever told about his sexuality was Diana.

The couple’s adult sons Alexander, 27, and Nicholas, 24, are expected to fly over from the US to attend the wedding ceremony in the Lake District.

Their ‘lavish’ wedding ceremony will be ‘circus themed’ – with waiters dressed as clowns and ringmasters – and Paul and his boyfriend have already held their stag do with friends at a Blackpool drag club.

Mr Burrell, who served as Princess Diana’s butler for 10 years and was said to be called ‘her rock’, is yet to speak about the relationship publicly but a spokesman has confirmed the ‘forthcoming marriage’.

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