‘I haven’t touched alcohol in 10 years’: Abi Titmuss admits she used drink as a ‘comfort blanket’ during hard times…

She rose to fame as a glamour model and party girl on the circuit.

But Abi Titmuss has revealed the lifestyle culminated in her drinking so regularly, she eventually used alcohol as a comfort blanket.

The British beauty, 41, who moved to America in 2015 and joined sitcom Days Of Our Lives, appeared on Loose Women on Thursday and also opened up about finding love.

Speaking via video link from Hollywood about her new life, she recounted the story of conquering Hollywood in her late thirties.


‘I got here with my dog and my suitcase and that was it! I met my agent and got signed’, the bubbly blonde revealed.

But she admitted it wasn’t all plain sailing, adding: I was very aware I’m not I’m my twenties anymore and it’s like the Olympics of talent and hotness. I was very afraid I wasn’t good enough.’

And her life makeover included an attempted name change, though it didn’t go as planned.

‘Everyone here calls me Abigail. I tried to become Abigail Evelyn – my middle name but it was becoming too difficult getting two different names. I asked on Twitter what I should do but everyone said I should be proud to be a Titmuss’.

And discussing her battle with drink with the panel, pal Lisa Riley questioned whether she used drink as a comfort blanket.

‘Absolutely’, Lisa admitted, ‘I spoke to Lisa about giving up alcohol and it helped enormously. And I did get help- I saw a therapist.’

Remembering the drink culture that came with being a socialite, she added: ‘You know what it’s like, you get invited to so many things and soon it’s out every other day having a drink and it all adds up.

‘I was drinking behind closed doors and that’s when it’s not so pretty. In 10 years I’ve not a single drink.’

Full story can be found on Daily Mail Website

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