Platinum blond Jahmene Douglas is unrecognisable after jaw-dropping transformation

JAHMENE Douglas is unrecognisable after unveiling a shocking new look.
The former X Factor finalist took to Instagram to post a picture of his makeover, switching his dark curly hair for a bleach blonde do.
JahmeneDouglas1 copy

He rose to fame after coming runner-up on The X Factor.
Showing off his blond hair and blue eyes, the talented 26-year-old opened up about his struggle with racism in the music industry.

Sporting a head of bleach blond curls with pale blue contact lenses covering his naturally brown eyes, he added a pensive caption.

‘If only my brown eyes were blue… would the radio support me like they’re supposed to?’, he wrote.

‘They think their Opinions & Boxes Control and Define you But an Artist has no Fear of Either. #artist #singer #mixedrace #music #soul’, he captioned another snap.

And posting a close-up of his new look, he added: ‘Question: Is it right to have an exclusive ‘blue-eyed soul’ genre? Especially when it dominates the Top 40 and excludes people like me? Shouldn’t it be all inclusive? Shouldn’t soul be soul?’.

‘The Article Behind The Statement Coming Soon: An Insight into the U.K. Soul Scene!’, he added to another snap.

Meanwhile last week he continued to cause concern after admitting his struggles with suicidal thoughts.

And Jahmene Douglas left fans worried yet again after posting another troubling tweet on Thursday.

The X Factor star, 26, told his 586k followers that he was having a ‘dark day’ and added the words: ‘Pray for me’.

He also wrote two days before: ‘It was strange being on stage last night. Haven’t been on stage in a while. I hope to be on more stages this year; I need to be better!’

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