Samantha Womack reveals her close bond with screen sister Rita Simons following their dramatic departure from EastEnders

She’s moved on following an explosive departure from EastEnders, but Samantha Womack admits she still talks to screen sister Rita Simons ‘at least six times a day.’


The pair, better known as respective siblings Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, were dramatically killed off on New Year’s Day after a decade on the long-running soap.

Viewers tuned in as the doomed sisters drowned in a swimming pool, but Samantha, 44, admits their watery departure from Albert Square hasn’t affected their off-screen friendship.

She told This Morning:  ‘Nine years, that person is really close to you – the character I mean – and the family is really close to you, so having to say goodbye to everyone is really really hard.

‘So the best way to just launch into a new job. But I speak to Rita about six times a day.’

Samantha has likened Rita to a sister, and she is adamant the pair will not sever their close bond despite leaving Walford because they have been work partners for ‘long time.’ 68716556

She explained: ‘You can’t give up something like that. We were together for such a long time, and she feels like my sister still, so I am grateful actually. I came away with the most amazing friend ever.’

Samantha added that she was pleased with the finality of the plot, which saw her drown while attempting to save Roxy from killing herself.

Reflecting on other, more wholesome departures form the Square, she said: : ‘I think if the character ends up anywhere, wherever it may be, it’s not a punchy ending.’

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