Gemma Atkinson told pals she quit Emmerdale because writers gave her a romantic storyline with soap veteran Mark Charnock and not a better looking co-star

EMMERDALE’s Gemma Atkinson certainly is a good actress. Gemma AtkinsonBut The Sun revealed that the very romance, which has seen her repeatedly kiss 48-year-old actor MARK CHARNOCK, is part of the reason behind her quitting the soap.

The Bury-born star has confided in friends that she’s disappointed producers haven’t paired her up with one of the more good-looking cast members.

A source said: Gemma was toying with the idea of taking some time out of Emmerdale anyway, but she has said that Carly’s romance with Marlon was the final straw. She’s citing it as part of the reason she’s off.

She might have convinced viewers that her character Carly Hope is head over heels for gangly Woolpack chef Marlon Dingle.

Mark Charnock

“There’s a load of hunky young blokes in the show that she would’ve loved to have had a little snog with – but writers have given her Mark.

“She also wanted to focus on her fledgling Bollywood and radio career anyway, so the time seemed right to pack it in.”

Current actors in the show include DANNY MILLER, MATTHEW WOLFENDEN and MICHAEL PARR

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