Ex-EastEnders’ star John Partridge’s mum died penniless – forced to sell her home to cover dementia care

A FORMER EastEnders actor says his mum died penniless after she was forced to sell her home to pay for social care. part1

John Partridge – who played Christian Clarke – revealed his mum Bridget died three weeks ago after being diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s in 2010.
She sold her two-up, two-down house in Manchester for £75,000 and moved in with John – using the money to pay for nurses.

Bridget eventually moved into a £45,000-a-year care home when her condition deteriorated and her family could no longer cope.

He tried to care for his mum as long as possible to keep the costs down but added: “We still had to have nurses that came in, there were still costs involved in that.

“Then, when we as a family felt we were not equipped medically to deal with her condition – my sister and I both work – we had to find her a placement.
“The only place we felt was fitting for her cost that amount of money and we saw a lot of places.”part

The heartbroken star, 45, entered the Big Brother house in January 2016 to help cover the spiralling medical bills.
He added: “Care is incredibly expensive, I don’t come from money.
“My mum had a two-up, two-down in Manchester which we sold for £75,000 and that was in 2010, so then what do you do?
“How do you pay those care costs? It was £45,000 a year, how do you pay for that?
“It was devastating. Mum worked so hard every day of her life, what she had was to leave to her grandchildren – that was all she had.

“My mum passed away three weeks ago with zero in her bank account.”
John spoke out as an investigation by Alzheimer’s Society found it would take 125 years to save for the typical person’s dementia care bill.
That is based on someone saving £800 a year – about the same as a pension.

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