Pippa Middleton’s wedding warning: Spencer Matthews told to keep best man’s speech clean

Playboy Spencer Matthews is just days away from becoming brother-in-law to Pippa Middleton, cementing his new connections to Buckingham Palace.

But, after forging a career as a reality TV star on E4’s Made In Chelsea, he has become better known for drug scandals and sordid sexploits with Z-list celebrities.Matthew Spencer

It’s no wonder Royal insiders are getting twitchy. In his 2013 autobiography, Confessions Of A Chelsea Boy, Spencer bragged of bedding more than 1,000 women.

He also revealed taking a potentially lethal double dose of acid at a rave.

He wrote: “Out of nowhere, a metaphorical train hit me. I felt possessed.

“A guy came over and started hurling abuse. A large fight broke out. We ended up on the ground, both giving everything we had.

“I felt like an animal and was properly laying into him when suddenly my friend grabbed my arm and pinned me to the ground.”

Drug taking is only part of a chequered party boy past, which hogged the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

It was reported how Spencer had been warned to tone down his best man’s speech for older brother James for fear of embarrassing the Royal family.

Pippa, 33, will marry Etonion banker James Matthews, 41, on Saturday at her local village church, St Marks, in Englefield, Berks, in front of around 150 guests.

The ex-Made In Chelsea star has been ordered to be careful in front of royal guests.

A close friend of Spencer’s said: “Spencer has been given a last-minute warning to keep the speech clean.

Matthew Spencer“He isn’t allowed to give a traditional best man’s speech in case he shows anyone up in front of the royals.

“He isn’t allowed to make any jokes or anything.

“It’s going to be hard for him as he already had his speech planned.

“We don’t think he is best pleased.”

Pippa, 33, and James, 41, will tie the knot at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berks, followed by drinks at Englefield House, a Grade II-listed manor.

Guests include Roger Federer, TV adventurer Ben Fogle and Geordie model Donna Air, who is Pippa’s brother James’ partner.

The minted Middleton family are spending £110,000 on a “crystal palace” marquee around 40x120ft.

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