Singer Dame Vera Lynn marks 100th birthday with new album release

Renowned wartime singer Dame Vera Lynn will celebrate turning 100 with the release of a new album.Dame Vera Lynn

The “forces’ sweetheart” – who buoyed the nation’s spirits in the Second World War – will mark the milestone with the record which features new re-orchestrated versions of her most beloved music alongside her original vocals.

Set to be released on March 17, three days before her birthday, it is thought the collection will make Dame Vera the first singer to have released a new album as a centenarian.

The album also features a previously unreleased version of Sailing – a surprise find as it was not widely known she had recorded the track.
The record comes eight years after Dame Vera became the oldest living artist to land a UK number one album and also marks the wartime singer’s 93 years in the industry as she made her stage debut at the age of seven.

Dame Vera is joined by a line-up of chart-topping British singers on the album, including Alfie Boe on We’ll Meet Again, Alexander Armstrong on White Cliffs of Dover and Aled Jones on As Time Goes By.

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Platinum blond Jahmene Douglas is unrecognisable after jaw-dropping transformation

JAHMENE Douglas is unrecognisable after unveiling a shocking new look.
The former X Factor finalist took to Instagram to post a picture of his makeover, switching his dark curly hair for a bleach blonde do.
JahmeneDouglas1 copy

He rose to fame after coming runner-up on The X Factor.
Showing off his blond hair and blue eyes, the talented 26-year-old opened up about his struggle with racism in the music industry.

Sporting a head of bleach blond curls with pale blue contact lenses covering his naturally brown eyes, he added a pensive caption.

‘If only my brown eyes were blue… would the radio support me like they’re supposed to?’, he wrote.

‘They think their Opinions & Boxes Control and Define you But an Artist has no Fear of Either. #artist #singer #mixedrace #music #soul’, he captioned another snap.

And posting a close-up of his new look, he added: ‘Question: Is it right to have an exclusive ‘blue-eyed soul’ genre? Especially when it dominates the Top 40 and excludes people like me? Shouldn’t it be all inclusive? Shouldn’t soul be soul?’.

‘The Article Behind The Statement Coming Soon: An Insight into the U.K. Soul Scene!’, he added to another snap.

Meanwhile last week he continued to cause concern after admitting his struggles with suicidal thoughts.

And Jahmene Douglas left fans worried yet again after posting another troubling tweet on Thursday.

The X Factor star, 26, told his 586k followers that he was having a ‘dark day’ and added the words: ‘Pray for me’.

He also wrote two days before: ‘It was strange being on stage last night. Haven’t been on stage in a while. I hope to be on more stages this year; I need to be better!’

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Samantha Womack reveals her close bond with screen sister Rita Simons following their dramatic departure from EastEnders

She’s moved on following an explosive departure from EastEnders, but Samantha Womack admits she still talks to screen sister Rita Simons ‘at least six times a day.’


The pair, better known as respective siblings Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, were dramatically killed off on New Year’s Day after a decade on the long-running soap.

Viewers tuned in as the doomed sisters drowned in a swimming pool, but Samantha, 44, admits their watery departure from Albert Square hasn’t affected their off-screen friendship.

She told This Morning:  ‘Nine years, that person is really close to you – the character I mean – and the family is really close to you, so having to say goodbye to everyone is really really hard.

‘So the best way to just launch into a new job. But I speak to Rita about six times a day.’

Samantha has likened Rita to a sister, and she is adamant the pair will not sever their close bond despite leaving Walford because they have been work partners for ‘long time.’ 68716556

She explained: ‘You can’t give up something like that. We were together for such a long time, and she feels like my sister still, so I am grateful actually. I came away with the most amazing friend ever.’

Samantha added that she was pleased with the finality of the plot, which saw her drown while attempting to save Roxy from killing herself.

Reflecting on other, more wholesome departures form the Square, she said: : ‘I think if the character ends up anywhere, wherever it may be, it’s not a punchy ending.’

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‘I haven’t touched alcohol in 10 years’: Abi Titmuss admits she used drink as a ‘comfort blanket’ during hard times…

She rose to fame as a glamour model and party girl on the circuit.

But Abi Titmuss has revealed the lifestyle culminated in her drinking so regularly, she eventually used alcohol as a comfort blanket.

The British beauty, 41, who moved to America in 2015 and joined sitcom Days Of Our Lives, appeared on Loose Women on Thursday and also opened up about finding love.

Speaking via video link from Hollywood about her new life, she recounted the story of conquering Hollywood in her late thirties.


‘I got here with my dog and my suitcase and that was it! I met my agent and got signed’, the bubbly blonde revealed.

But she admitted it wasn’t all plain sailing, adding: I was very aware I’m not I’m my twenties anymore and it’s like the Olympics of talent and hotness. I was very afraid I wasn’t good enough.’

And her life makeover included an attempted name change, though it didn’t go as planned.

‘Everyone here calls me Abigail. I tried to become Abigail Evelyn – my middle name but it was becoming too difficult getting two different names. I asked on Twitter what I should do but everyone said I should be proud to be a Titmuss’.

And discussing her battle with drink with the panel, pal Lisa Riley questioned whether she used drink as a comfort blanket.

‘Absolutely’, Lisa admitted, ‘I spoke to Lisa about giving up alcohol and it helped enormously. And I did get help- I saw a therapist.’

Remembering the drink culture that came with being a socialite, she added: ‘You know what it’s like, you get invited to so many things and soon it’s out every other day having a drink and it all adds up.

‘I was drinking behind closed doors and that’s when it’s not so pretty. In 10 years I’ve not a single drink.’

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Boxer Amir Khan lifts the lid on family feuds and missing millions

For Amir Khan the antidote to pain has been to grow up and calm down. Not the sharp pain in the broken right hand which has stabbed at him throughout his professional career. The far deeper hurt that came with betrayal of trust.

Boxer Amir Khan at home in Bolton - 2013

Khan doesn’t know exactly how many of his millions went missing but he was devastated to find where the trail led. To some of those closest to him.

At 30, at last he has control over affairs to which he never gave a moment’s thought as he concentrated on winning world titles.

He says: ‘For the first time I have taken charge of my own life. I am the boss now. And I have to deal as an adult with something pretty crushing.’

Boxer Amir Khan at home in Bolton - 2013The grow-up call came six months ago. One million pounds had been paid out of his bank account for which he had no explanation. The budget for constructing one of his projects — a wedding and banqueting centre in Bolton — suddenly doubled to £6million.

The financial damage can be repaired with fights in the offing, which he still expects to include a £32m Dubai bonanza against his friend and former sparring partner Manny Pacquiao, despite delays in the negotiations.

The emotional damage takes longer to heal. He says: ‘I was shocked. I suddenly realised I was being ripped off. Certain property consultants and accountants were among those who had to go.’

Boxer Amir Khan and wife Faryal at home in Bolton - 2013It wasn’t the money which cut the deepest wound. He explains: ‘I could see that some people were cashing out. They thought I was washed up and there would be no more big-money fights. That was so cynical. I’d thought they were people who believed in me.’

The issue became distressingly confused with the family feud which erupted about the same time. Khan’s wife Faryal revealed that she was being attacked by his sisters for refusing to conform with the strictest elements of the Islamic dress code. This was a position which seemed to find sympathy with Amir’s parents. Amir and Faryal, although devout, are modernist Muslims.

The situation became more vexed as Khan sacked some, including relatives, and split with others in his team. The break was far from amicable, as he illustrates: ‘When I started going through things at the office they simply walked out. Just left me to deal with things I knew nothing about.

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